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Professor Anita Lie is a Professor at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Unika Widya Mandala, Surabaya. She teaches Pedagogy, Professional Ethics, and Writing courses at the English PSP, Education Leadership, Curriculum and Materials Development at the Master of English Education program and at the Graduate School. University of Santo Tomas, Manila. Her research interests include teacher professional development, English language teaching, and education policy. Anita Lie’s research results have been disseminated in several international scientific forums and published in several international scientific journals. In addition, Anita Lie has also written several books and articles about education for the public in mass media including Kompas and The Jakarta Post. Anita Lie is also often asked to be a resource person and review programs and modules at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research. In 2000, the Canadian Government awarded her the SEAMEO-Jasper Fellowship Award for best research. In 2011, Anita Lie became a Research Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. In 2016, she received a research award from the American Institute for Indonesian Studies (AIFIS) Luce Fellowship Research Grant. And in 2018 she was given the Dedicated Scholar award by KOMPAS Daily. In 2023, Anita Lie was appointed as a member of the National Accreditation Board for the term 2023-2028.